Presenting the exhibition HIDEOUT by Yury Shtapakov at our showroom on Stadthausquai 11-13. The coloured monotypes created by Yury Shtapakov during his residency at the world’s largest typographic artworkshop Guanlan Original Printmaking Base in China in 2012. The artist has used of special large-scale cast paper (80×100cm) and unique equipment the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base.

Yury Shtapakov who seems to be a master of all ever-existed methods of typographic art keeps on learning new materials and techniques. This time he was inspired by crumpled painted paper. A number of prints is based on a verified contrast of its complex stereoscopic form with monolithic flat background.

“Chinese” monotypies by Yury Shtapakov represent a striking example of how, apparently, special technical methods in skilful hands of the master become a magic way for creation of a new form, achievement of new quality of an ordinary thing.