October 22 — December 23

The coloured monotypes created by Yury Shtapakov during his residency at the world’s largest typographic artworkshop Guanlan Original Printmaking Base in China in 2012. The artist has used of special large-scale cast paper (80×100cm) and unique equipment the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base.

Yury Shtapakov who seems to be a master of all ever-existed methods of typographic art keeps on learning new materials and techniques. This time he was inspired by crumpled painted paper. A number of prints is based on a verified contrast of its complex stereoscopic form with monolithic flat background.

YURY SHTAPAKOV was born in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia. In 1978, having graduated from Leningrad Architectural College he launched his professional career as an architect and graphic designer. Yury has exhibited his work in more than 250 shows in Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Many of his works have been acquired by renowned private and public collections, including the State Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum and the National Public Library.
(born 1958)
The result could be considered as simple abstraction if it didn’t cause a wide range of associations and symbolic meanings. Crumpled sheet of paper is perceived as either precious crystal hidden in the depth, or slumberous cocoon, or sprout longing for awakening, or crumpled “pack” of American- Bulgarian conceptualist Christo Yavashev that keeps forgotten objects of nature and civilization.

No wonder that Yury Shtapakov himself gives such names to his works as Incubator, Sarcophagus, Embryo, Hidden treasure, Seeds of a new era, Double penetration and etc. Formula of concealment – is a “screening” of life hidden under ground, a development of Filonov’s physicophilosophical idea of “world sprout” and creative methods of St. Petersburg artists and poets of the beginning of the 20thcentury such as M. Matushin, E. Guro, P. Filonov, V. Khlebnikov, who constructed forms in accordance with nature laws like birth of a crystal, fruit or flower.
“Chinese” monotypies by Yury Shtapakov represent a striking example of how, apparently, special technical methods in skillful hands of the master become a magic way for creation of a new form, achievement of new quality of an ordinary thing.
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