NI DAODAO, Paper Mountain VI (2021)

A triangle is a mountain. A triangle is a tunnel.
This series reflects Ni Daodao’s mysterious connection with mountainous regions, a sort of yuanfen (destiny) that brings him from Chongqing, Lisbon to Uster. It also suggests Ni’s re-identification with gender-fluid position. Ni reveals, “To me, my body looks wrong. I am always aware of the inconsistency between my appearance and my vision of self. I remember when I was a child, I depicted my desired toys again and again, so they will come true.” The triangles suggest the familial, social, and cultural pressure on the physical body of an individual. Despite the heaviness of these “mountains,” Ni transforms them into various tunnels that open up potentials of reidentifying with the gender-fluid position. a memory that is left behind by an obligate transformation towards a masculine maturity. The stitches record the artist’s confusion and reaffirmations of a non-binary self and homosexual desire.
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