NI DAODAO, The Butt (2019)

“Bohemia Rhapsody”: Sweets, Hemp, and My Dearest…

Ni Daodao had many romantic thoughts about Iran in his teens. One of many reasons is his crazy love for tea. The artist was brought up by his grandpa who loves to drink tea. In China, jasmine is so popular that almost everyone can sing the folk song “What a beautiful Jasmine”. Many people believe that Jasmine tea originated from Fujian province in China, but Ni learned that Iran is the origin of jasmine. In 2017, the artist traveled to Iran. During his trip, he was attracted by an idyllic miniature painting, so he made a copy of the work and transformed it into a Love Package stuffed with his hair, jasmine tea leaves, and flowers, and a lingam. He made another love package after meeting his current partner M. They shared some cherry-flavored chocolates on several romantic evenings. To keep these joyful moments to himself, Ni collected a chocolate wrapper and hid a love letter from M that he had not read. This becomes a Love Package with Secret. The elaborate piece The Butt is another love letter from Ni. In this work, the artist poured his love into sewing an elaborate coat around the used hemp cigarette which he had shared with M.
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