LI TINGWEI. Digitūs Digitālis (2020)

“Digitūs Digitālis” from 2020. A man of the future, digitūs digitālis, with only two fingers left in order to hold the smartphone. The device became our only instrument of memory, communication and action, as we’re already living the “immaterial life of tomorrow” (Vilém Flusser). The line between body and machine becomes blurry, as the human hands themselves seem to have outlived their usefulness and will no longer be needed for the men and women of the future.

Already during our lifes we go beyond the sphere of flesh and matter, and our life after death marks the beginning of eternal existence of electronic data. 

Hands after death, in form of “sacred bones” were gathered in many religions throughout the world. Gestures of blessing - holding hands, holding a child. Hands speak without voice and form a language together with our body.

Is the overwhelming anxiety the reason, or the cause of our unhealthy relationship with electronic mobile devices? If the body and the faith will fail, can technology be a way to ensure the immortality of a soul?

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