Why should you keep an eye on contemporary art?

Works of contemporary art can turn strangers into friends. Besides, they deepen our understanding of pluralistic values and provide us with unparalleled insights into the current state of our planet. Art lovers can benefit from conversations with other art collectors, museum, and gallery staff at contemporary art fairs. This is profitable not only for your social life but also for discovering business partners in your professional field.

What is a work of contemporary art? 
A work of contemporary art is a work of art produced in a concrete time and space after 1989, a year which marks the dissolution of a polarized political nature and the rise of economic and digital globalization. The art critic Arthur C. Danto (1997,10) remarks, “‘contemporary art’ has come to designate something more than simply the art of the present moment. In my view, however, it designates less a period than what happens after there are no more periods in some master narratives of art, and less a style of making art than a style of using styles.”

How to define if a work is suitable for collecting or not? 
This work or its archives has a lifespan of more than one year. It is richly evocative of a historic moment in human society and contains artistic, aesthetic, sentimental, and educational values. Some works of art contribute to cultural memory studies, because they evoke personal remembrance of a communal past that have been eliminated from history.