How to handle art?

The correct handling of the artworks that you've acquired will save and prolong their lifespan for you and the generations to follow.

Upon receiving the work, especially from overseas, ret it acclimatise for couple of days. But do longer, so there is no established micro-climate.

Before the actual unpacking an artwork, take a moment and sketch a plan. Namely, make some space for unpacking it, prepare a free surface, identify where is the front side of the work (make sure to use no scissors or blades while unpacking from the front side). Wash the hands and hold the painting only by the frame or stretcher (no fingers on the canvas!).

Light & Humidity
Before hanging or placing the artwork one needs to evaluate the light and humidity conditions in the space. In need one can approach the specialist. But no direct sun exposure, avoid halogen lamps, and in need one has to order special UV-absorbing protection.