A Quick Guide to Handling Works of Art

Learning how to handle your art collection correctly will save and prolong their lifespan for you and future generations to follow.

When you receive a work of art, especially from overseas, let it acclimate to the novel surroundings for a couple of days. Slightly extend this period if necessary, so that you can minimize damage caused by micro-climate and moisture. 

Before unpacking an artwork, you can take a moment to sketch a plan. Make sure your space is sufficient for this work. Please prepare a smooth surface and identify the front side of the work. Keep a distance between the blades of your scissors and the body of the work, so they do not cause any irreversible damage to the work’s surface. Clean your hands thoroughly or wear a pair of nitrile gloves before contacting the work. Please hold a painting only by its frame or stretcher, so you do not regret leaving your fingerprints on its front side. 

Light & Humidity
Please evaluate the lighting condition, air quality and humidity before placing a work of art in a concrete space. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and halogen lamps. Please order special UV-absorbing protective equipment if necessary. Please do not hesitate to consult with an art specialist, if you have any questions.