SEMYON MOTOLYANETS (*1982, Brest) lives and works in Saint Petersburg. Semyon works with installations, objects and performance. Semyon is founder (together with D. Petukhov) of the artistic group "SOAP". He is winner of the "Innovation Prize" (2009), with nomination "New generation" (as a member of the "SOAP" group). Semyon is a member of PARAZIT group (since 2007); and member of the Open Studio "Nepokorenniye 17".

Additional Semyon was a participant of Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Moscow); parallel program of Manifesta 10 Biennial (St. Petersburg); Ural Industrial Biennial (Ekaterinburg); Art Prospect Public Art Festival (St. Petersburg); and CEC Artslink Program (New York). He had residence at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.
2009 Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design
2012 The School of young artist, Pro Arte Foundation
Solo exhibitions
"Pure future tools", A&V Gallery, Minsk
"Akt No. 68", Sigmund Freud Dream Museum, St. Petersburg

"About sterile art", Cité internationale des Arts, Paris.

"Anti-personal personal exhebition of Semyon Motolyanets who realized that he hasn't been understood anything about contemporary art", Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia.

"A very artifical choice", Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

"Local feature", Space KH, Brest, Belarus.

"Big paintings solve big problems", Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

"Protective Screens", Nina Duo Gallery, Milan, Italy.
"A couple of words," Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia.

"Rejection" (as participant of the SOAP group), Anna Nova Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
"For the CV", Dver Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
"State of Things" (as participant of the SOAP group), Art Communalka Museum, Kolomna, Russia.
"Decubitus", Parazit Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

10th Festival "Contemporary Art In Traditional Museum", Granted by PRO ARTE Foundation (as participant of the SOAP group), Museum Of Hygiene, St. Petersburg, Russia.
"Stone, scissors, paper", Parazit Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

"Rehearsal of Living", Museum of Anna Akhmatova, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Group exhibitions
Generation of Thirty Years in Contemporary Russian Art, the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

"Ordinary things", Art-center "DK Gromov", St. Petersburg, Russia
Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum Festival, Russia.

"Prospect of the Unconquered". MMOMA, Moscow, Russia.
"Russia-China", New Museum, St. Petersburg.
"The Last Groaning", Gallery Borey, St. Petersburg

"Applying", Cultural skylight Center "Marata 64", Museum of the History of Vocational Education, St. Petersburg
"Autumn Slaon with Belgaszprombank", Minsk, Belarus
Auction "PARAZIT": "Simple art", Мarina Gisich Gallery
"Earth-worker", of the honour U. Nikiforov, Museum of the contemporary art, S.P. Dyagileva SPbSU, St. Petersburg
"But do not tell anyone", Space O+, St. Petersburg
"Mystery of the first", St. Petersburg Museum of Avant-garde (Matyushin's House), St. Petersburg
"Human lot", Gallery Borey, St. Petersburg
"Mysterious garden", City international art festival "Access point". Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House, St. Petersburg
"Important dialogues", Art-Prospect, St. Petersburg

"No strangers". Leningrad center, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Art fair "Supermarket", Stoсkholm

"The Other Capital. Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg Today", Museum of Moscow, Moscow
"Black envy", Borey Art Center, parallel program Manifesta 10, Petersburg
"The art of translation", ProArte foundation, parallel program Manifesta 10, St. Petersburg
"Comunal appartment", Marata 33, part of the Special Program Manifesta 10, St. Petersburg
"Salvation of Venice", Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg
"Signal 1", "Signal 2", St. Petersburg
Gyumri Public Art Hudde, Gyumri, Armenia
"Art Prospect" Public Art festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

"Lost in translation", Parallel program of 55-th Venice Biennale, Venice
"Parazit+", Guelman Gallery, Moscow

"Saturnalia" (as participant of the SOAP group), supported by Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, Tbilisi/Batumi
CEC Artslink program and «Art in odd place», New York
"Art Prospect" Public Art festival, St. Petersburg

"Videoforma" — 2nd video art festival, Kuryokhin Art Center, St. Petersburg
"Total Contemporary Night", Rizzordi Art Foundation, St. Petersburg

- The State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia),
- Museum PERMM (Perm, Russia),
- Museum of Non-Сonformist Art (St. Petersburg, Russia), - private collections in Russia and Germany,
- The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia)