NI DAODAO was born in Chongqing, China. He works and lives in Pforzheim in Germany and Uster in Switzerland. Ni Daodao is a nomad in nature and the nomadic way of life and work is his choice. To a large extent, Ni Daodao resists and disagrees with the so-called nationality or ethnic identity, as well as gender attributes.

In Ni Daodao’s creative process where ideas take place, he tries his best to seek an authentic experience of mine and bring it into artmaking. Because of his upbringing, Ni Daodao is extremely skeptical of the so-called truth and absolute correctness. He randomly selects "junks" that are related to his everyday life and packaging waste from consumer goods, such as candy and potato chip packaging, toothpaste tube and etc, as raw materials for his works, largely due to his concerns for environmental protection. In the selection of materials, He contemplates and explores the unique relationships that He establishes with the daily consumables. The artmaking that follows aims to express and clarify the thoughts those relationships have brought him.
2012 BA Chinese Painting at Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts at Sichuan Conservatory of Music in the PRC
2018 Tsinghua University Academy of Arts &Design, Lacquer and Design Training Program
2019 Contemporary Jewelry at Ar.Co Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual in Lisbon Portugal
2020 Desgin for Jewelry and Object at Goldschmiedeschule Pforzheim, Germany
Solo exhibitions
“To Be Continued,” DOPPELPUNKT, Uster, Switzerland

“In the eyes of Rabbit,” Laya Lotus, Chongqing, the PRC

“Taste,” Pairs House, Chengdu, the PRC
Group exhibitions (selected)
“DLUG-DLOG,” Udstillingssted for Tekstil, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Hope. A Ruler in Blue,” Galeria Reverso, Lisbon, Portugal

“Evolution 1st International Wearable Art Exhibition,” Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Museum, Wuhan, the PRC

Exhibition in the aftermath of the “Sulwhasoo Intangible Cultural Heritage” project, Yongle Palace, Shanxi, the PRC
Traditional Chinese Handicrafts Residence Nanjing (Mar 2019)