The opening is in presence of the artist:
MARCH 19, from 15:00 onwards

The rapid growth of digital and virtual artworks has broken new ground in globalized contemporary art consumption while reinvigorating humanity studies and art conservation with a cyber- and post-humanist vision. Recently NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become the vanguard of the cryptocurrency realm, setting new records for trading and acquiring digital artworks. The increased entanglements of social media, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology in social mobility, economic activities, and governance problematize the futures of human civilization. Who am “I”? And what is left of me when everything is voluntarily surrendered to the gadgets? By putting these critical questions in the foreground of Li Tingwei’s new solo exhibition “Mine,” ESCAPEMENT ART would like to explore the meanings of “mine” not only as a pronoun but as a noun and verb. Could the resource-intensive mining for cyberspace become a mine for human civilization? The relationship between corporeality and cyber-immortality, human and post-human ethics is discussed in Li Tingwei’s most recent installations and video works.
Li Tingwei