June 16— September 16
The solo exhibition DO NOT DONUT presents a selection of video and object installations from years 2017-2020. The phonetic transcription /duːnɒt/ and /ˈdəʊˌnʌt/ offers sound complexes that minimally differ in the set of its acoustic features, coining into a pattering und wanton phrase. It resembles the frequent appeals of “Dos” and “Don’ts” in the infinite number of shows and pitches by the leadership coaches. Semantically, “donut” itself can have several connotations and serve as a metaphor of our contemporary society.
TINGWEI LI is a young emerging artist, residing both in Berlin and Shanghai. She studied at the Arts University (UdK) in Berlin, Hunter College in New York and Tongji University in Shanghai. She was a residential artist at Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council) in 2020 and was listed in Forbes “30 Under 30 China” in 2017. Prior to that, Tingwei participated in residency programs at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, Flux Factory in New York and Kooshk Residency in Iran. She works with objects, images and videos to create her art, which revolves around contemporary life, technology, consumer society and psychology.
(born 1989)
Originally a hole poked with a finger in the dough allowed donut to fry quicker and evener. A donut glazed in pink with sprinkled confetti on top became a symbol of the consumerist behaviour and fast food industry in the West. A swimming ring in form of a donut floating on blue waters of a swimming pool is a frequent hero of social media posts, promoting a chilled and carefree lifestyle, rather than serving as a lifebuoy in the critical situations.
Another term “doughnut economics”, excogitated in 2012 by the Oxford University economist, Kate Raworth, represents a visual scheme for a sustainable development. The inner circle includes everything that insures our social security foundations such as peace, health, justice and equality; the outer circle re-defines the goals in view of formidable global issues such as air pollution, ocean acidification, land conversion and freshwater withdrawals. Staying within these two circles promises the humanity the safe navigation through the deep waters of uncertainty.
In the times when an image defeats a written word, one tends
to sketch and illustrate the complex things.
In her video works Tingwei Li creates the narratives with complex structures, interlacing and juxtaposing events and mystifications, unwrapping many semantic layers. And what seems to be sometimes a Theatre of the Absurd, is a reality depiction in focus, and a thoroughly elaborated approach of working with various visual languages, textures and approaches of the perceptual psychology.
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