Founded in 2020, ESCAPEMENT ART presents modern and contemporary art practices by established artists from Europe and East Asia. Our gallery provides the European public and global netizens with critical insights into the timely issues, new art tendencies, and cultural identities. Our exhibition program aims to transcend the stereotypes and linguistic barriers, vocalizing artists’ responses to humanitarian crises in our age.

Moreover, ESCAPEMENT ART supports art practices by emerging artists of the Russian and Asian diaspora in Switzerland, Germany, and France. Twice a year, ESCAPEMENT ART opens a call for artist applications.

The educational program of our gallery bridges cultural theories, art historical studies, and artistic modes of cultural production. It supports beginners and experienced collectors with expertise in art paradigms, movements, styles, and techniques, as well as collection management, incl. preventive conservation. Furthermore, we handle works of art by prominent artists in art history from the secondary market.
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What does ESCAPEMENT mean?
ESCAPEMENT ART was initially affiliated with the auction house INEICHEN (est. 1973). Our gallery is named after a mechanical linkage in watches and clocks that gives impulses to the timekeeping element and periodically releases the gear train to move forward, advancing the clock’s hands. The root “escape” refers to the evasion of something undesirable or fight from confinement. It can also be a form of a temporary distraction from reality and routine. On the contrary of “escapism,” ESCAPEMENT ART does not rush towards an exit in phantasies, but progresses continuously towards an understanding of the reality.

Walter Benjamin wrote, “The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the ‘state of emergency’ in which we live is not the exception but the rule. We must attain a conception of history that is in keeping with this insight.”

We spend most time earning a living in the “state of emergency”.
We compromise on the vision of the world curated by mass media and contacts from a similar social stratum.
We dispose ourselves to duet with daily routine and stress, only because we dream of a better future.
We try to ascend to a better world that is yet to come.

By contrast, climate change, overconsumption, plastic pollution, digital governance, and gender inequality have already become emergencies in our time. These issues are addressed by artists of ESCAPEMENT ART. Take a breath of fresh air and behold Others’ sides of life in ESCAPEMENT ART.
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Discover Art Techniques & Art History
The educational program of ESCAPEMENT ART is designed to enhance your understanding of today’s art market, art mediums, and art historical discourse.

Formal and technical analyses are carried out at our gallery to register the condition of the works. Moreover, we will provide information about the provenance of certain artworks from the secondary art market.
Collection & Estate Management
We overtake the role of an external consultant in building a consistent art collection and developing case studies on specific artworks in the art market.
Preventive Conservation
We unpack complex subjects to ensure ease of understanding and clarity of art conservation so that you can prolong the life of your art collection.
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